A Redesigned Digital Experience with Parents in Mind.

Client: Kids II - Ingenuity 
Role: Concepting, Branding, Design, Content Strategy, User Experience 

Ingenuity is a brand of baby toys and gear by Kids II — a company who’s been inventing and reinventing baby products for over 40 years. "Designed with Parenthood in Mind”, Ingenuity’s brand principles focus on designing stylish products with premium features - but also, everyday life for today’s parents.

When approached to help launch Ingenuity’s new Travel Systems collections, we realized there was an opportunity to use these principles as inspiration and create a better brand experience - bringing content and commerce together to better meet the needs and lifestyles of it’s growing audience.


Reimagined and Reinvented.

Our goal was to create a digital experience that aligned with the brands personality and audiences desires. The look chosen is a clean and modular design, layered with energetic pops of color, engaging content and user centered navigation across devices. The design direction encourages consumers to explore, research, and ultimately purchase products in a unified experience.

Since these new parents are looking for brands that compliment their lifestyle and want to engage in content as much as shop — we wanted to take them from the blogs, social channels and searches they were coming from to a site that highlights similar content that pushed them there to begin with.


More to Explore.

The product pages were also designed to continue providing a content rich experience thru dynamic imagery, collection call outs and video. Curated using recommendation engines that deliver customized content for each individual user — to engage the consumer in a meaningful way and influencing purchasing decisions.


Life on the Move.

With today’s parents turning to their smartphones in moments of need, we wanted to make sure Ingenuity was with them throughout their entire purchase journey. Providing useful content on mobile such as product know-how videos on YouTube to making it easy to find Ingenuity’s products nearby using location based search help the brand play a role in being responsive to these needs.