Aperol gets Brightened Up.

Client: Aperol - Campari NA RFP 
Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Visual Design, User Experience, Content Strategy, Experiential

The favorite and best-selling spirit in Italy — Aperol creates the cocktail of choice to enjoy with friends on summer nights. Despite its popularity, its optimistic brand essence and signature Aperol Spritz hadn’t quite caught on with Americans the same way.

So as part of a pitch for Campari North America, our goal was to better position the Aperol Spritz and its unique, ownable aperitivo occasion so consumers could experience that same Contagious Joy at the start of any moment. Ultimately winning the account, I helped lead the digital extension of our team to define key considerations and insights that would drive our strategy, establish our design approach and launch their summer campaign in the U.S.

Our idea was to create an experience that articulated the brands personality and promoted discovery. This meant educating consumers through relevant messaging and scalable activations as well as providing social, shareable ways for consumers to experience the Aperol Spritz and learn the 3-2-1 recipe through immersive environments and digital support. Creating a campaign that would inspire and facilitate starting each moment brighter than before with Aperol Spritz. 


Delivering Contagious Joy.

Beginning with a vibrant environment that’s authentic and true to Aperol’s roots, we sought to takeover outdoor areas of on-premise accounts, adding branded elements, serving kits, bocce sets, etc. that nod to the Italian culture and encourage light, carefree, social moments. We also wanted to update the current site. Leveraging it as a hub for all its on- premise activities and promoting social sharing and discovery — turning the site into a content-rich, engaging digital destination.


Happiness Shared.

To help spread the joy, 5 of Instagram’s best lifestyle photographers will share their brightest moments as part of our social campaign. Serving as brand ambassadors, the influencer with the most likes will join us on the road as we launch our Contagious Joy Tour. Sending Aperol and branded FIATs across the country to spread the joy in cities nationwide.

Taking over streets, rooftops, cocktail bars and other outdoor areas in major cities to create an engaging on-premise program that excites consumers and allows them to experience Aperol’s optimistic brand essence in a variety of ways. Bartenders, brand ambassadors and on-premise tools will all educate consumers on the easy 3-2-1 recipe. To promote social sharing, we’ll also have sponsored Geofilters so our brand can be apart of sharing the brightness between friends on Snapchat all summer.

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Spread the Joy.

Through our social campaign consumers engage in unique and shareable content that pushes the product, positioning and personality of the brand. Offering social games via Aperol’s Facebook page, like a cross platform bocce game, and exclusive content where our brand ambassadors share ideas and inspiration with Aperol’s audience.